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Orga L550-HHS+SRO+IR

Helihoist & SAR lights

Helihoist (HHS) and Search and Rescue lights (SRO) play important roles in an offshore wind farm to communicate to a pilot the whereabouts and status of a turbine.

  • Helihoist green – indicates the status of the turbine for safe helicopter hoisting operations.
  • SRO red – indicates a target turbine during emergency cases. T
  • Infrared module – the infrared module on the SRO light is always on. This light enables pilots with night vision goggles to see the turbine.
  • Rugged and Low Maintenance – the Light’s low center of gravity reduces stress due to wind. It’s housing is designed for a 30 year windfarm lifespan. High quality LED’s for long product lifetime.
  • CAP-437 – Complies with UK CAA CAP-437 standards for helicopter hoist lights.


Configuration Options

Helihoist (HHS) green light

Search & Rescue Operations (SRO) red light with Infrared

Combined HHS & SRO with infrared


Technical Data
Design degree of protectionIP65
Operating temperature range-40°C to +55°C
Shipping information550 x 550 x 400 mm; approx. 16kg
Supplied with pre-mounted Orga cable for easy installation and high reliability
Cable bending radius120mm
Outer cable diameter ø14.5 +/- 0.5mm
Level indicators for correct mounting
Horizontal beam pattern360°
Steady and flashing mode available according to hoist operation
Effective intensity: According to CAP437 Helicopter hoist light, or Search and Rescue light
Vertical beam pattern: according to CAP437 Helicopter hoist light, or search and rescue light
Operating voltage120-240Vac
Power consumptionSee Datasheet