Helicopter Corridor Floodlight

  • Maintenance-free LED technology
  • Anodised, powder-coated aluminium housing
  • Standard NAi bus interface for power supply and communication
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Power consumption 40 W at maximum operating luminous intensity (70 000 cd)
  • Beam angle 8° (FWHM)

The ALS 500 NAi satisfies the WSV’s2 requirements of the technical standard “Tower lighting at wind turbines for additional marking of the arrival and departure corridors for helicopters in offshore wind farms”. So that the lateral limiting of the corridor to the helicopter landing platform is easily recognisable during approach and take- off, the neighbouring wind turbines are illuminated for a limited period on the side facing the corridor.The floodlight’s integrated NAi bus interface is used to supply power, to control the intensity and switching status, and to transmit status and error messages to the central NAi Controller, so that they are available to the central SCADA system.The integrated operational monitoring detects LED failures, errors in the control electronics as well as supply voltage problems, excess temperature and interruptions in communication.


Technical Data
Diameter optics155 mm
Diameter mounting foot230 mm
Height130 mm
Weight2.72 kg
Electrical connectionSpring terminal block, max. 2.5 mm2
Operating voltage VIN19 to 36 V DC
Power consumption
(VIN=24 V DC - max. intensity)
40 W
Light colour4750 K
Maximum luminous intensity
(along the optical axis)
70 000 cd
Beam angle8° FWHM
MTBF Electronics2 130 000 h
Minimum LED Lifetime60 000 h
RegulationsIEC 60945, device type ‘exposed’
Ambient temperature (operation)-40℃ to 55 °C
Ambient temperature
(storage / transport)
-40℃ to 70 °C
Power consumptionsee table
(operation / storage / transport)
max. 95 % acc. to IEC 60945
Atmospheric pressure
(operation / storage / transport)
80 kPa to 108 kPa
Degree of protection (acc. to IEC 60529)IP67
Protection classClass III
Vibration testing sinusoidal vibrationsacc. to IEC 60945
(Device foot, head, cover for socket)
Anodised, powder-coated aluminium (AlSi12)
Cover LED insertMAKROLON® (PC)
Cable glandNickel-plated brass
Earthing connectionNickel-plated brass
Cover indicator LEDPMMA
Insulation sleevePA
SealsTPE, injection-molded
Pressure compensation valve
for socket and housing
PTFE membrane