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Component Control Interface

  • Control and monitoring of a maximum of 3 groups of navigation light and marking components using the standard 5 wire NAi bus interface
  • Power supply and load monitoring for the connected components
  • Transmission of the synchronization signal for synchronous flash codes
  • Communication interface to a central control and monitoring system(RS-485 interface according to standard protocol (MODBUS RTU))
  • Simple installation, commissioning and monitoring of the entire NAi network

The NAi Controller (NAi = NavAid Interface) is intended for mounting in the switching cabinet in the interior of an offshore installation. Three groups of marking and navigation light components, which are located in the exterior on the same installation, can be connected via the 5 wire NAi bus.

The NAi Controller is a central supply, control, monitoring and communication unit in the NAi network for all navigation light and marking components connected via the NAi bus. The controller allows easy function monitoring with local visual signals (LEDs), a local service interface (USB) and an RS-485 interface for communication with the central SCADA system via MODBUS RTU protocol.


Technical Data
Housing dimension
(width x height x depth)
248 mm x 40 mm x 115 mm
Height with Plug57mm
Weightapprox. 700 g
MTBF acc. To Siemens SN29500-1 (Ambient temperature 50 °C)910 000 h
Ambient temperature TA (operation)-40 °C to 55 °C
Ambient temperature
(storage / transport)
-40 °C to 70 °C
(operation / storage / transport)
max. 95 %

Degree of protection (acc. to IEC 60529)IP40
Protection classIII
Degree of pollutionV 2, condensation in operation not permissible!